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Free Male ferret needs to go to good home Argusville, ND

Free Male ferret needs to go to good home

The ferret is called Butters. He is a male and we got him at the beginning of September. I'm not exactly sure when he was born but it was maybe a month or so before that. He is very playful, doesn't bit us. He has never been around other ferrets but we have two little dogs and he loves to play with them (in a controlled enclosed area). We do not let him run the house. The reason we are looking to adopt him out is because we are looking to move from our house into Fargo and a smaller place. He would come with the cage and any food and litter we have left and anything else we have for him. Also, the cage comes up to my shoulder and I am 5'4". Most of the brackets that came with it have broken or been lost. (Butters like to play with them and break them off). So most of the cage is held together by zip ties now and does not collapse down much. Please email as I can respond faster or call after 5 pm. I work in Fargo and can make arrangments to meet up to exchange.

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Phone: 701-306-2501
Location: Argusville, ND
2/15/2010 6:53:40 PM - Click here to Email Seller     See all Ads for this Seller

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Free Male ferret needs to go to good home Argusville, ND

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