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vending machine--Rowe 499 Fargo

vending machine--Rowe 499 Fargo

vending machine--Rowe 499

I have two (2) of these machines for sale. Cash only! Start your own vending business or add to an existing business. Or let me place it in your business, and service it for you this winter. Older machine, but very reliable, with a rotating drum. Yours will be SIMILAR to the one in the picture. Your machine may be of a different color and the stand of a SIMILAR configuration. NOT exactly what you see in the picture. 23 slots per door and can hold a variety of items behind each larger door, such as rolls and cookies behind one door, a mix of chips and other items like beef jerky behind another door. A mix of candy bars and small bags of candy such as M&Ms, breath mints, and/or gum, behind the other two, smaller doors Requires exact change and DOES NOT give change. Can hold a larger variety of items than any tabletop auger type vending machine. I will also give you a copy of the machine service manual and a number for local service should you ever need either. Plus the 800 number where you can still buy certain parts for the machine. I also have some spare to parts to go with each machine. Call 701 two three five four six nine eight anytime on the weekends or after 5PM during the week..
Price: $125.00 (Contact Seller to verify Price)
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Phone: email only
Location: Fargo
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vending machine--Rowe 499 Fargo

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