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Daisy Girl BARE ROOT Trees- Larger Fast Grow Poplars-$15 Hi folks! The Daisy Girl here with incredible bargain for spring time Fast Grow Poplars for your consideration! Save big money AND get the jump on the planting season this May! Heres the scoop! Purchase these lovely 3 to 4 foot bareroot trees now, and pick them up at your convenience this coming late April/Early May (Depending on our Spring). These lovely trees I have available for only $15 each, but must be purchased in groups of no less than 25 trees, so your total cost for the 25 trees would be only $375 plus the tax. Thats a sweet deal over our normal summer time prices for this size tree for sure! PLUS, you have the added convenience of extreme ease in hauling AND planting your new trees. It truly is a SNAP planting bare root trees. The whole you dig is MUCH smaller, coupled with the fact you will have no pots to deal with, as well and easy transport as I spoke of above. In general, purchasing and planting bareroot trees is as easy as pie and much less expensive, especially if you have a lot of trees your needing or planning on putting in this year. Heres the scoop on these bareroot lovelies! Fast growing Popular> These trees are the ever popular poplar that is all the buzz, and the tree that I raise the most of every year. If youre looking for shade, privacy or cover in a hurry, this is a must have tree. It has tremendous FAST growth, (6 foot PLUS per year), is dependable, tough, very pretty, and best of all, extremely reasonable to put in a bunch of them! Although I’ve never actually counted the number of these trees that I have planted in my own yard, I would wager to guess it would top over 50 of them, and I could not imagine being without them. Over the years, these trees have saved us 100’s of dollars in heating bills, provided the privacy from the road we needed, provided a sound barrier from the traffic on our busy county highway, not to mention stopping the screaming Northwest wind that we used to be hit with every winter. Fabulous fabulous trees which I am very thankful for. They are longer lived tree as well, and much longer than several of the poplar varieties that are out there. Their rapid growth will reach up to 70 feet tall, with a neat clean pyramidal spreading crown. Just a lovely looking tree if I don’t say so mice-elf! :) Also, please do not confuse these poplars with the ever so disappointing LOMBARDY poplars, tiz not the same tree. These FAST GROW POPLARS that I am selling are much different, and as far as what these trees planting needs, (and this is speaking with a great deal of experience), they don’t need much! We have them planted in loam, we have them planted in sandy areas, we have them planted in wet areas (will withstand seasonal flooding), we even have them planted in heavy dry yellow clay, and all of them thrive. They do however prefer a moister soil in a perfect world (will grow bigger faster), but don’t let that stop you from trying them and planting in any soil type, just like we did. Overall, not a real picky tree for sure. Purchase your spring order SOON, as I have a limited supply to offer at these bare root prices. ****If you think youd like to drop by our nursery and purchase a lot or two or TEN (LOL thats a heap of trees!) of these bare root beauties….PLEASE CALL FIRST, as we currently arent open for walk in traffic. And if youve never been to our nursery before, rest assured. We are a well established organic nursery business, have been doing this for over 17 years and have always provided all our plant clients beautiful nursery stock along with our exceptional personal service. We are also a Minnesota State Licensed/Inspected Nursery-YAY!.....who BTW have ALWAYS PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS-triple YAY! We are located exactly one mile east of Erhard, MN on county hwy. #24. We are on the south side of the road and you will see our big 4 x 8 Daisy Girl Sign (currently covered with a tarp), the big arch over our gate, and red/white steel building at the driveway entrance, you cant miss it! Our address is 20064 County Hwy. 24, Erhard, MN 56534 Thanks again and Happy Winter, YET hoping for an early SPRING to you and yours! Juliebelle aka: "The Daisy Girl"


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